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There are many places you can find the Odder Being cards. On this website, of course. You can also find them on and In addition, the cards are sold in several brick-and-mortar stores throughout the Netherlands!

Selling our Vision Cards

We have 5 different decks to choose from: 1 base deck in English and 4 themed decks in Dutch. With every deck, users get to know themselves better, which helps them make decisions that work for them.

Our cards are great for vision boarding, journaling, meditation, coaching, masterminds, and much more.

If you’re a store selling books or specializing in personal development/spirituality, our cards may be a great fit.

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Find us at…

Van der Velde in de Broeren
(Zwolle, The Netherlands)

ABC - The American Book Center

The American Book Center
(Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

ABC - The American Book Center

(Utrecht, The Netherlands)

(Utrecht, The Netherlands)