Polyamory Conversation Cards

2 reviews for Polyamory Conversation Cards

  1. Jean-Charles Meunier

    Excellent! I am very happy that I bought this deck of cards. The questions are varied and very useful, the design pleasant. Well done! It’s a very good idea to have several themes (relationship structures, communication, sexuality…), so that you can choose to leave out those you are not interested in discussing on that occasion. The box is nice and sturdy, so that you can easily keep the cards in your pocket without damaging them. I just love it <3 … and looking forward to the French version as well!

  2. Lynn

    Everything I hoped it would be. People say the key to success in poly is talking about everything. Well, what do you talk about? Often people venturing into poly for the first time encounter tons of triggers and problems because “you don’t know what you don’t know.” This helps take the edge off, in my mind – reduce the number of /unexpected/ problems. Next time I consider taking on a new partner they and I will do the whole deck. An irreplaceable tool. Well done!

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