Inspire Each Other With a Vision Boarding Party

Vision boarding is even more fun is you do it with friends! Host your own vision boarding party with the tips below.  

What you need

You don’t need much to host your own vision boarding party. Just make sure that you have:

  • a big surface for people to work on (such as a table or the floor)
  • large (poster-size) sheets of paper
  • black and colored markers
  • optionally: old magazines, scissors and glue
  • snacks and drinks
  • optionally (but recommended): a deck of Odder Being Vision Boarding Cards
The people

You’ll want to invite 2 to 5 (more than 5 will make it harder to have enough time for every vision board) others. Look for people who enjoy self-improvement and are curious to try new things! Everything else doesn’t matter – vision boarding works for every gender, occupation, age etc.

What you'll do

Here’s what your vision boarding party could look like.

  1. 30 minutes or so for everyone to arrive
  2. 5 minutes to explain the program and the idea behind vision boarding
  3. A few minutes per person to state their intention: what do they hope VB will bring them?
  4. Around an hour for everyone to create their own vision board. While you don’t have to be completely silent, make sure there is enough opportunity for self-reflection and turning inwards.
  5. 15-20 minutes per person to talk about what they have created and what their ideal life looks like.

If you and your friends want you can gather once every while (usually once every 1-2 months)  to discuss your progress towards the vision board you’ve created!