Odder Being Blueprint:

Vision Development for Businesses

 The world changes like never before. New technology and increasing competition from across the globe means businesses face increasing pressure to perform.

How will you protect your business from new competitors and stand out from the crowd? Protect your people from increasing pressure in their work? And make sure your teams are aligned and everyone is working together to reach their goals?

The starting point is always the same: a clear vision. Knowing the added value of your business for this world. And being able to communicate it in a clear and engaging way.

Odder Being Blueprint offers different consultancy tracks for vision development and implementation.  Tracks that will help you ace your branding, marketing, recruitment, and team and talent development.

What can we do for you? 

Brand Strategy

Is your business’ vision just a mandatory line in some corporate file noone ever reads? Are you stuck with empty buzz phrases like “disrupting our industry”, “making a sustainable change” and “offering the right products at the right time”? Odder Being Blueprint helps you craft a vision that’s clear and easy to communicate and guide you when developing a brand that fits this vision. A great starting point for your identity and strategy!

Online Marketing

Back in the days of TV creativity was part of every marketing campaign. Online brings even more possibilities to be creative. And challenges, too. How to stand out in the sea of social media? How to avoid vanity metrics? And most importantly: how to make sure your social media actually drives tangible business results?

This consultancy track focusses entirely on how you can align online marketing (social media, advertising, content marketing and more) with your vision to position your brand online.


Despite the unemployment rates the demand for talent is higher than ever. Especially if you work in a field dealing with technology and innovation.

The challenge: how do you make sure the people you hire are the perfect fit for your business?

That’s what the recruitment consultancy track is all about. Using your vision as a starting point we’ll redesign your hiring process to make sure you attract the talent that makes your business thrive.


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Team Development

There is a large difference between a group of talented individuals and a team. In a team, the entire group works as one to meet the common vision. In the Team Development track Odder Being helps teams of every level – from management to operations – to get clear on the team vision and goals.

Talent Development

Want to help your employees bring their best selves to the table? Tackling burn-out and employee churn rates? We’re here to help!

Odder Being offers coaching (or, as we call it, anti-coaching) helping employees get clear on their vision and align it with their professional goals and responsibilities. The anti-coaching formula means they don’t just get the insights, they take action. They are in charge, we’re there to help them get (and stay) unstuck. So that they can make progress, whatever their career goals and your business goals.

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