Every Business Has a Story…

But seeing this story – and even more challenging – communicating this story is a different matter. The more knowledge and expertise you have, the harder you struggle with bringing it all together. 

As a result…

… your proposal ticks all the boxes, but still doesn’t convince the client.

… your recruitment texts don’t attract the talent that would be so right for your business.

… you invest tons in your online marketing, but you struggle with conversion. 

… your employees are more concerned with doing what’s expected of them than with contributing to your goals.

If you have tons of data, content, knowledge, and experience, but you don’t connect them – you’re missing out. It’s like you have a full pantry, but your meal is just a collection of ingredients. What you need, is someone to help you tie it all together. To analyze your ingredients and give you a custom recipe for the best business cake. Odder Being does just that.

Leverage the hyperlinker mind

Odder Being consultancy is great if you have a lot of information and you need to communicate it in a structured, convincing way.

We start with a clear and simple question: what do you want to accomplish? Do you need a killer presentation? Are you looking for a better website? Do you want to educate your employees on new procedures with a course? What questions do you want to answer? What results are you looking for?

The next question we ask is: what do you already have? This could be as vague as people with knowledge or as specific as a draft version that needs redoing.

The third question: what’s the story? We analyze what is there into a coherent structure. We show you the structure in a way that you *and* everyone around you understand.

The last question: what is still missing? We identify the gaps that still need filling and guide you in filling them.

In short: we audit, analyze, advice and educate. Whether you need a vision, a course, a marketing proposal, branding, content marketing, or recruitment – we help you make sense of your story. That’s the hyperlinker way.

A vision blueprint offers your business competitive advantage

Want your story to make sense?

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