We make odder choices easier

Ever feel like the odd one out? Try doing what others do, but don’t feel happy about it? Ever gotten the advice to ‘just be yourself’ and ‘follow your heart’ and wondered how the hell you’re supposed to do that?

We hear you. Forging your own path is difficult. That’s why the universe gave you Odder Being.

We want to help you live life on your terms. And we want to help you get clear on what those terms are.

We are here for all those Odder Beings who wonder what the hell is wrong with them (spoiler: absolutely nothing). And for the ones who wonder what’s right for them (we’ll help you find out). We create tools & products that will help you make different choices. Choices that will actually work for you.

Because although you might feel like an oddity, we can promise you this: you are not alone.


The more you try to be someone else, the more you will find yourself standing in the way

– Gregory David Roberts

Odder Beings are us

We’re a team from the country that used to be famous for encouraging people to be themselves: the Netherlands. We love personal growth, and self-expression. We believe in being unapologetically ourselves. And paving the way for others.



COB (Chief Odder Being)

I’m used to being odd, even when I don’t mean to be. I realized that in order to stay true to myself, I had to figure out who I am. With Odder Being, I want to help you do the same.



Illustratoire Extraordinaire

Self-expression is life! I make furniture, cut hair, paint, convert my van, and much more. I guess you could say I’m good with my hands 😉

For Odder Being, I designed the basic deck and the relationship deck.



Master of Shapes and Colors

I’m a Dutch illustrator. Life can be hard and I like brightening it up with shapes and colors. My work is done when it brings a smile to your face!

For Odder Being, I designed the career deck.



Watercolor Wielder

I adore colors, emotions, and playfulness. Watercolor paint matches my intensity and drive to be free!

For Odder Being, I designed the polyamory conversation cards.