Hello, Hyperlinkers & Friends!

If you’re here, you probably ask yourself: what the hell is a hyperlinker? Is it a disease? Something you can eat? A new technology?

None of the above.

A hyperlinker is simply someone with an innate talent for connecting the dots. If you’re a hyperlinker your mind absolutely kicks ass at quickly & subconsciously making connections between different concepts, building your mental model. Then, as your mental model grows, you – equally quickly & subconsciously – using all these connections in your mind to understand new information.

Hyperlinkers: people who intuitively and instantly link often seemingly unrelated abstract concepts, creating complex mental frameworks.

Stuff hyperlinkers are great at

  • If you’re a hyperlinker, you are a master of abstract thinking
  • As a hyperlinker, you’re also good at grasping new information that’s somehow related to what you already know (this relationship isn’t always obvious to others – for instance when a hyperlinker thinks psychology is obvious because they see how it parallels physics)
  • If you’re a hyperlinker, you have a killer intuition. That’s because you pick up subtle signals and your mind instantly tells you what to expect based on vaguely similar concepts or ideas

Stuff hyperlinkers struggle with

  • Communication. As a hyperlinker you might get frustrated that some things are obvious to you, but not to others
  • Initial learning. It takes you a while to build up your initial mental model. During this time, you might feel confused about a particular topic, but once everything falls into place – understanding becomes effortless
  • Attention to detail. When you read A, your brain automatically helps you assume B and it’s easy to miss the fineprint
  • Following set paths. As a hyperlinker, your mind works differently, so what makes others happy doesn’t necessarily make you happy. If you relate, our Odder Being Vision Cards might help you!

Now what?

This website will soon offer a wealth of knowledge on hyperlinkers, how to thrive when you are one of them and how to not go insane if you have to deal with one. Want to stay tuned? Follow us on Instagram or join our Telegram channel!

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