The Card Connection Chronicles

In love with the relationship and/or polyamory cards but want to use them more often? In this series, we’re sharing some ways others use the cards!

A Card A Day Keeps…

A thought cloud with a castle in front of a rainbow

Yep! One couple actually told us they draw one or two cards every morning and discuss them over breakfast.

Most questions from the Relationship Vision Deck and Polyamory Conversation Cards go pretty deep, so to get the most out of it, you’ll want to discuss 1-3 cards at a time. That’s why tackling one question every morning during breakfast is a great idea!

“I love how these questions lead us to topics we wouldn’t discuss otherwise. I thought I already knew how my partner feels about these topics, but turns out there’s so much to learn!”

What we love about it

This is such a great way to consistently connect with each other every single day! If you’re not a morning person, any other meal works, too.

When you build a habit checking in with each other, you’ll find you are more likely to actually bring up small things before they get the chance to fester and escalate.


If you suspect a question might lead to a particularly challenging conversation, it’s best to really take the time for it. If your breakfast is only 20-30 minutes a day, see if there’s a different card that would fit that time frame better!

If you end up having to leave before you’ve been able to wrap up the conversation, just continue later! Added bonus: you’ll have the time to process what’s been said so far and any emotions it’s brought up.

Want connection to be a habit?

We’ve created a quick worksheet to help you check in with each other and discuss what’s coming up in your relationship!