All By Yourself? Treat Yourself to a Perfect Date

Whether today, on Valentine, or on any other date, there’s no point in waiting until someone treats you to a perfect date if you can do it yourself. Dating yourself might sound a bit cringy, but it actually has tons of benefits. For one: you know exactly what you like, so you can make your date exactly perfect.

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 The key to planning a self-date is to allow yourself to feel everything (just as you would if you’d go on a date with someone else). That’s why for a date night, you might not want to go with an evening of Netflix-binging. Here’s some great alternatives in different price ranges with a lot of nice and a bit of naughty! Bonus: many of these stimulate the production of all kinds of nice chemicals, such as dopamine and endorphins.

1. Treat yourself to a chocolate fondue!

This is a totally romantic activity to do with a partner, but it’s equally amazing by yourself. You don’t need much to prepare a fondue – just some chocolate and foods to dip. You’ll find amazing recipes online. How about pure chocolate with a tiny bit of (oat) cream and just a little bit of amaretto (or, if you avoid alcohol, hazelnut or almond syrup)? For dipping, there’s fruit (banana, strawberry, pear, pineapple, mango), cookies, or even cream buns. Let’s be honest – most things taste great with chocolate 😉 Allow yourself to really savor every bite and actually taste the things you’re eating.

2. Get inspired

When we’re in love, we often love to experience new things. Suddenly, we find ourselves wandering the city as if we’re tourists, visit more museums, and attend weird theatre plays we wouldn’t otherwise consider. Well, you don’t need a partner to do any of those things. Treat yourself to a day or night of inspiration. Go see a play or a dance performance at the local theatre, visit an exihibition, or take a city tour in your home town (or a different town you’ve always wanted to visit). Bonus: when you’re by yourself, it’s often easier to meet new people!

3. Challenge yourself

Ever tried something outside of your comfort zone, just to show your crush how fun you are? Well, you don’t have to prove anything to yourself, but it’s still fun to stretch your boundaries a little bit. Plan a date to something you’ve never done before. How about a new sport (many water sports, bouldering, pole dancing, and tons of other sports don’t require a partner or a team), or creative workshop (like painting, woodworking, or even metal wielding)?

4. Be nice to your body

This one can be just as low or high budget as you’d like. If you’re on a budget or simply want to stay in – treat yourself to (homemade) scrubs and lotions. Really take the time to take care of your body. If you have a bathtub – even better! If you want to get out of your house and you’ve got money to spend – book a massage or treat yourself to a day at the spa. Nothing says self-love like allowing both your body ánd your mind some rest!

5. Get sexy!

Whether your libido is high or low, why not play around in the bedroom a little bit? Forget porn, really focus on your body and the different sensations. See how different materials (fleece, silk, feathers – your imagination is the limit) feel on different parts of your skin. Experiment with ice cubes, or wax (please use special candles so you don’t get burned). Feeling even more adventurous? How about some self-bondage? There are tons of tutorials on YouTube!

Being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely, especially if you know how to make yourself feel good. Have an amazing date and… lots of love!