How to use the Odder Being relationship deck on your first date?

After weeks of swiping it’s finally happening: you’re going on a date! Fun (and somewhat terrifying)! Of course you want to have a good time, but you also want to gauge your potential, whether it’s for a night or for a lifetime. A great reason to pack our relationship deck in your bag! (Please note: at the moment we only offer these cards in Dutch; if you’d like them in English, please sign up for our Kickstarter). Here’s 5 ways to use these cards on a date.

5 manieren om Odder Being-relatiekaarten te gebruiken op je 1e date

1. Brace yourself…

Okay, so technically this is not something you’ll do during the date. Before actually going on a date, ask yourself which questions from the deck you’d like to see answered (and what answers would be a red flag). Limit yourself to 3-5 questions and see if you can weave them into your conversation. Have a hard time choosing? Just limit yourself to the questions you need to figure out if you’ll want a second date. If you will date more often you’ll get a chance to find out more!

2. The truth? Dare!

Shuffle the 49 question cards and take turns drawing a card. Read the question on the card out loud. Then, take a few seconds to each come up with your own answer. After you’ve done this, share the answers with each other. Are your answers compatible?

3. It’s all about priorities

What questions and answers are important to you? What about your date? Take the time to go through all the questions together. Then, take turns picking one card you really want the answer to. Share your answers and tell each other why this particular card matters so much to you.

4. Hot hot hot

Let’s get real: sex is fucking important (literally). And more so if it’s the reason you’re going on a date in the first place. Put the other categories aside and take turns answering the questions from the sex category.

5. Rembrandt or Picasso?

Pick a card you both would like the answer to. Then, trying drawing your answer. On a coaster or a napkin if you have to! Not good at drawing? You’ll be amazed at the fun you can have with simple stick figures!

Which tip are you going to try on your next date?