Do You Have These 4 Hyperlinker Talents?

When you’re a hyperlinker, your mind is constantly expanding and improving your mental models. And sure, all minds do that, but yours seems like… on steroids.

Here’s 4 superskills I noticed in fellow hyperlinkers:

  1. We love the abstract. Don’t talk to us about who said or did what, unless we can turn it into a philosophical discussion, dive into the origin of language or lose ourselves in a conversation about the workings of our world. Others might get exhausted, we just get more energy from exploring the intangible!
  2. We’re creative problem solvers. We come up with solutions that are pretty obvious to us, but that others somehow don’t think of. If you need a problem solved, talk to a hyperlinker. Also, be prepared for an answer you weren’t prepared for.
  3. We grasp new info quickly. We’ve talked about this one before – once we have a basic mental model in place and we understand its logics, we absorb new input like a sponge and almostly instantly figure out how the new thing relates to everything else we already know.
  4. We have an uncanny intuition. We often don’t consider it intuition – for us it’s plain and simple logic. But for those around us, the things we see coming based on subtle cues can be awe-inspiring.
Hyperlinker Superpowers: abstract thinking, creative problem solving, quick grasp of new info, uncanny intuition